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Game History

This little project came about from my desire to murge my most beloved things: The Legend of Zelda, RPGs and the social aspects of MMORPGs.  At first it was going to be a Zelda fangame called "The Legend of Zelda: Heroes"  in which I was going use sprites from zelda games for graphics but the core of the game would have been original.  Now enter my Game Design class, the final of which is a game.  "Great!" I thought "I can make 'Heroes' for my final!".  Unfortunately that was not to be, because the one of the requrements for the final is for it to be original.  So, no more zelda stuff in the game.  In essence it will still be a zelda game: dungeons, puzzles, monsters and bosses.  What I'll be adding to that timeless formula are: MMO aspects (grouping, server wide events, etc...), and ARPG aspects (stats, loot, skills, classes, and races). 

Game Features

Under construction.......

General Game Info

Status: On Hold (temporarly) 

Title: TBA

Type: ARPG (action role-playing game)

Players: MMO

Platform: PC

release date: TBA

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