A Link to the Internet

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The internet is full of many things. Below are links to a few.

Found a cool little something on the web?  Send me an email with it and I'll check it out.  If I like it I'll put it on to this page. 

Favorite Sites

The best Zelda site on the web. The site's motto sums it up "All The Zelda Info You Need". It's also home to a really awesome forum.  Of which I am a pretty active member.
A great site.  Has lots of good flash and music.
The best Zelda fanmusic on the web.  Absolutely amazing.

Personal Links

You should click my dragons.
My personal profile on ZU.
Anything art related that's done by me such as writiing, photography, flash stuff will all show up here. 
If you really really really need to get a hold of me use this.  Other wise don't use it.  I don't like unsolicited email.